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10 things to look for
in a web designer

10[+] things to look for in a Web Designer

  1. Look at examples of their work. If they do not have examples of websites which fit your industry, does it look like they understand their client companies, or are they only producing pretty sites?
  2. Do they give you a content management system so you can update the site once it is launched? If not what are the charges for maintenance? What are the guaranteed turn-around times for changes briefed to them?
  3. Do they provide a schedule to completion? What guarantees are there that they will hold to the schedule?
  4. How many revisions of the design will they allow? How many draft designs will they provide for you to choose from?
  5. How long do they guarantee the site for – and the content management system?
  6. Is the code used to build the site their own, or is it licensed from another company?
  7. Is the source code open source, or prorietary?
  8. Will they provide the source code and copyright for the site to you? (In the event they disappear into the night while you intend to keep going for some time yet).
  9. How long have they been in operation? Who is on their client list? Can you see their portfolio? Do they have any reference clients?
  10. Do they only consider your website, or do they consider how the website relates to your total corporate communications package? Will the site be integrated with your client database?
  11. Do they understand branding, corporate identity, client relationship management, or do they only produce pretty websites?
  12. Have they considered how the website will work for your company? What your clients want? That the site prove its value either as a profit centre or positive opportunity cost, rather than a just a cost?
  13. Are they graphic designers who also do websites, or corporate communicators who do websites?
  14. Do they look like art students, or businessmen?